Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Cow Goes Moo.

We all know that milk does a body good, but what about a wine bottle with a cow on it? I was intrigued by the wine for two reasons. 1. The original name for Hocus Pocus was Holy Moly, with the idea that subsequent wines would follow the "holy" theme. Like Holy Cow and Holy Mackeral. So I like the name. 2. My friend Daryl is an artist and she gave Peter and I a watercolor illustration of a cow for Christmas two years ago. (pictured) The resemblance is remarkable!

Holy Cow, Merlot, 2006 is from Washington State. It has lots of blue fruit, with herbaceousness and a cough syrup quality on the finish that I attribute to the cooler climate of Washington State and perhaps some phenolic maturity issues (this is a link to a great site on Burgundy that discusses phenolics in wine). But the wine is perfectly pleasant for $13. I mean, what do you people want for $13? A drinkable wine with a fun label is about all you can ask for. Incidentally, this wine is produced by K Vintners / Charles Smith Wines, not to be confused with Charles Shaw. I am not a fan of the Two Buck Chuck. Purchased at Silverlake Wine.

*As a footnote, my friend Daryl would like this wine, my friend Marcel would not.

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